About MPS Prints – Your Photos on Canvas, Glass, and Wood

About MPS-Prints.com

Here at MPS-Prints we ensure that every custom print ordered is completed in a way that we would use personally. Our amazing customers continue to come back because they are simply amazed at the quality of their completed prints.

Variety of Materials to Print

We offer a wide array of custom prints and have the ability to print on canvas, glass, and wood. Using state of the art materials and technology ensures that you are receiving only the best. Our website allows you to create your own design, and if you need help – that is what we are here for.

About the Product

Custom Wood Prints Wood thickness: 5/8” (0.625) (15MM) Kind of wood: White Birch – Play IMP Custom Glass Prints Glass Thickness: ¼” (0.25) (6MM) Type of Glass: Tempered High Definition glass with polished edges made exclusivity for MPS. Special Note – Glass is not marked with a tempered glass logo because it will interfere with the quality of printing. Custom Canvas Prints

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