Put Your Name On Canvas, Glass and Wood Wall Art

Put Your Name On Metal Wall Art

If You Like it put a Name on It

Here at MPS-Prints, we offer you an easy and simple process to customize and design your own canvas, glass and wood wall art. Why? Because we think that it means so much more when you know you personally created something that is hanging on your wall. Why not get even more personal and put your name on wall art? Need the perfect gift to bring to that baby shower? Pick a pink or blue background, one of our many fonts for the baby name, and BAM – you have a thoughtful and creative customized gift in minutes! Did you just get married and need a way to decorate your new bedroom? Put your new name on wall art of one of our customized canvas, glass, or wood prints and proudly display your new status as Mr. & Mrs. to hang above your bed! Name art is also great for your child’s bedroom. All kids want to feel special. Let them be creative and choose where to put their name on wall art and show it off for all to see! They can pick an image from our menu of backgrounds or upload a photo of their choosing and input their name in text (with your help of course)!

Canvas, Glass, or Wood- Which One?

How do you decide what material to put your name on wall art? There are three unique materials and multiple different sized options to choose from! We can offer amazing and high quality prints on canvas, glass, or wood. By using the latest and greatest UV Oce in-house printer and UV inks, you can be sure your custom name prints will look professional and stunning on any wall! Our wood prints do not need a gloss or matte coating, as they are beautifully finished on their own. Our HD glass prints as a mirrored image to ensure a smooth finish and our canvas prints are printed from quality ink and look stunning. Whichever one you choose, putting your name on wall art has never looked so good!

How to Design a Custom Wood Print

How to design a wood print - 4 steps

The Art of Customizing

Art should be a form of self-expression. When you simply buy a piece of art online or from a store aisle, it’s impersonal and basic. Don’t you walk to walk in the door or sit down at your desk and see something you personally created hanging on your wall? A picture that you actually took, a drawing your son or daughter made in class, an inspiring quote that motivates you? The great thing about custom printing is that YOU become the artist and designer. You are the creative brains and when someone asks you “where’d you get that?” you can proudly say, “I made it”. We’ll show you in a few easy steps how to design a custom wood print that you can beautifully display anywhere you want!

Why Choose a Wood Print?

Unlike other frames, custom wood prints are durable and sturdy. There is no gloss or matte coating needed because the amazing quality of our printing. Here at MPS-Prints, we are dedicated to providing you with the best final result that will be sure to wow the crowd or the lucky receiver of your custom wood print. Choose a photo from your camera or choose from backgrounds, texts, colors, and fonts to create your masterpiece! There are unlimited boundaries when you know how to design a custom wood print or any custom print on our site for that matter.

Choose, Customize, Create!

With our process, learning how to design a custom wood print is a piece of cake!

How to design a wood print

-First, you’ll pick the size of your custom wood print. There are many horizontal and vertical landscapes to choose from in a variety of sizes. Once you choose your size, you’ll be on your way to creating your design.

-Next comes the fun part! Here, the customization process begins! You’ll import an image of your choosing or select one from our library. You can leave the image as is, resize it, rotate it, or write text over it from our large selection of fonts. Or, you can simply choose a background color or gradient and let your creative juices flow.

-Once you’ve designed your custom wood print to your liking, you’ll enter your email address and confirm if you’d like to share your design in our gallery or keep it for your eyes only. Your design will now be saved to your free profile, where you can share it with your friends on social media or send it to their email.

-Lastly, head to your shopping cart and you can purchase your custom wood print now which you can receive in 3 days, or save it to edit and order later! You’ll have your stunning print on display on your wall in no time!

The Next Cool Thing: Custom Metal Wall Art

Custom Metal Wall Art

When you are a homeowner, it is not uncommon for you to want to change up your home décor from time to time. However, if you do not go about doing so in the right way, you may find that updating your home décor can be expensive. The good news is one increasingly popular way that homeowners are decorating their homes is with custom metal wall art. You are able to design your own metal art, which allows your personality to be throughout your home in addition to staying within your budget.

What Is Custom Metal Wall Art

Custom metal art is what allows you to have your photos printed on metal so they can be displayed within your home. You are able to turn your memories into stunning metal visuals that are sure to catch the eyes of anyone who enters your home. The best part is designing your own metal art is easy and once the company has your creation ready it arrives directly at your doorstep.

The Benefits of Decorating Your Home with Custom Metal Wall Art

When you design your own metal art, you are in control of your home décor. You are able to create a masterpiece in metal, which can be passed down for generations to come. You can go with horizontal or vertical styles, which means your family vacations, holidays, and wedding memories can be revisited every single day that you look on your wall. Usually, it takes no more than three days for the masterpiece to be created and then in three more business days your new wall décor will be waiting at your door.

The process of creating custom metal wall art is simple and you can have it ready for printing in just a few moments. We invite you to get started for free today!

Photos on Glass are great for Wall Décor

Photos on Glass

Photos on glass are great for wall décor because they allow you to display your favorite memories in glass in a stunning way. You will find that they are eye-catching, modern, and can be shown off on your dresser, console table, and a variety of other places. The glass you selected can range from curved glass to flat glass. You can even opt to go with one photo or a collage. You can get as creative as you like with your wall décor and it is sure to result in a masterpiece.

Whom Is This Wall Décor Recommended For

Anyone with a home will find that photos on glass are great for wall décor. It is an affordable way to decorate your home while also letting some of your personality be present too. Depending on the size of your room, that you plan to decorate with this décor, you may even find that it allows the size of your room to appear larger too. College students, families, couples, and more will all find that photos on glass are a great way to spice up their home decoration projects.

How to Create Photos on Glass

Creating photos on glass is easy. You can make them as personalized or as simple as you wish. All you have to do is select the type of glass that you want, the size of the glass, and upload the photo/s that you want to be featured. When this is done proceed to customize the edges, background, and the layout. Checkout, pay, and wait for your beautiful new creation to arrive at your doorstop.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your home you should definitely consider photos on glass because they are great for wall décor. You will find that everyone who comes into your home is going to like what you have done with the place.

Wedding Photos On Glass

Custom Designs are Special

When we get married, we all want to relish in the memory by getting our photos printed into an album, framing our favorites, and sending them out to family, friends, and loved ones. Many people enjoy sending trinkets and tokens of their thanks and affections to those who attended the wedding. With modern advances in technology, we have surpassed simply putting our wedding photos on glass, metal or wood frames – we are now capable of printing directly onto those materials, giving you a beautifully unique and custom design for all of your wedding dreams.

Wedding photos on glass

Put Your Wedding Photos On Glass

At MPS Prints, we allow you to design yourself and put your custom wedding photos on glass, wood, and metal. Being able to design the prints exactly the way you want them is necessary when talking about the most important day of your lives. Here at MPS prints, we want you to know that the final prints of your wedding photos will be determined by you. If you’re not feeling too creative, our simple 4 – step process will get those creative juices flowing in no time!

You can also check out other designs that were made for previous customers, just to get an idea of what we do here at MPS prints. Glass prints, metal prints, and wood prints are our specialty, so whichever design you choose, the quality will be unsurpassed.

Quality Products Backed By Superior Customer Service

Your happiness with our product is also our number one priority, so if you are unhappy with any of our services or have any comments, questions, or concerns give us a call! We are happy to hear how you’re feeling whether that be positive, or negative. We want to ensure that your wedding photos will be a positive presence in your life, and we want to be the ones to give that to you. Whether you use these wedding photos as a gift to a parent or loved one, or keeping them for your own collection, we can help. We can make a beautifully customized piece of art for your home or office, that we hope you will cherish forever.

Why Choose Custom Made Prints over Anything Else

Custom Made Prints

Create a Perfect Piece of Art

Business and personal lives can be crazy. When you want to step back, relax and reflect, it’s important to have the right ambiance and atmosphere. Using your own photos on wall art can give meaning to that art you hang on your home or office walls, and give you that relaxed and positive atmosphere. Whether the custom prints are a gift, additional home décor or a visual focal point in the office, MPS-Prints can print a work of art that you personally created.

Customization Doesn’t Need to be a Luxury

When someone thinks of customized products, they may think it’s a luxury and expensive. MPS-Prints allows you to easily make custom made prints at a reasonable cost. Our customizer lets you pick and choose various pictures, fonts, and colors to create a custom piece of art very easily. You are the creator, you are the innovator, you have total control and your piece will be one hundred percent unique.

Great for Gifts – Custom Made Prints

Custom prints add a unique and personal touch. Imagine if you received a custom print versus a regular picture – how would you feel, which would you cherish more? Giving someone a custom print adds a lot more meaning to a gift than something generic.

With custom prints, you are guaranteed satisfaction and extraordinary quality. You get to choose your colors, shapes, and sizes, and you will end up with a unique piece of art.