• Is there finish on the wood prints?
Gloss and matte coating are actually not needed on the finish of our wood prints because of the high quality printing process that MPS-Prints uses.
  • What type of glass is used in your printing?
HD glass is used during our printing process. Glass prints are printed as a mirrored image on the back of the glass to ensure a nice smooth finish.
  • What is the return policy for your company?
  If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your prints and would like to make a return, please email us directly at contact@mps-prints.com and let us know the issue.  
  • When can I expect to see my prints?
  All prints are done on-site, in-house. Orders take 3 days to process and 3 days to ship. If for some reason you need completed prints sooner, let us know and we can see what we can do to expedite your order.  
  • What are the standard print sizes that are readily available?
  The standard sizes that are readily available for printing on canvas,  glass and wood are listed below: 8”x 8” 8”x 10” (horizontal and vertical) 12” x 12” 12”x 24” (horizontal and vertical) 24” x 24” 24” x 36” (horizontal and vertical) Custom sizes are also available upon request (up to 4’ x 8’).  
  • What type of printer is used during the printing process?
  The printer used is an on-site, high quality, UV Oce printer.  
  • I want to print on a size that I don’t see on the website. Are you able to do this?
  We can accommodate printing surfaces up to the size of 4’ x 8’. Please contact us if you would like a size that is not on our website.  
  • I still have a question. Who should I contact?
  If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ, please email us at contact@mps-prints.com.