Put Your Name On Canvas, Glass and Wood Wall Art

Put Your Name On Metal Wall Art

If You Like it put a Name on It

Here at MPS-Prints, we offer you an easy and simple process to customize and design your own canvas, glass and wood wall art. Why? Because we think that it means so much more when you know you personally created something that is hanging on your wall. Why not get even more personal and put your name on wall art? Need the perfect gift to bring to that baby shower? Pick a pink or blue background, one of our many fonts for the baby name, and BAM – you have a thoughtful and creative customized gift in minutes! Did you just get married and need a way to decorate your new bedroom? Put your new name on wall art of one of our customized canvas, glass, or wood prints and proudly display your new status as Mr. & Mrs. to hang above your bed! Name art is also great for your child’s bedroom. All kids want to feel special. Let them be creative and choose where to put their name on wall art and show it off for all to see! They can pick an image from our menu of backgrounds or upload a photo of their choosing and input their name in text (with your help of course)!

Canvas, Glass, or Wood- Which One?

How do you decide what material to put your name on wall art? There are three unique materials and multiple different sized options to choose from! We can offer amazing and high quality prints on canvas, glass, or wood. By using the latest and greatest UV Oce in-house printer and UV inks, you can be sure your custom name prints will look professional and stunning on any wall! Our wood prints do not need a gloss or matte coating, as they are beautifully finished on their own. Our HD glass prints as a mirrored image to ensure a smooth finish and our canvas prints are printed from quality ink and look stunning. Whichever one you choose, putting your name on wall art has never looked so good!